Because this is a handicap league if your 60th birthday falls between the first and last day of the season you are not allowed to switch Tee boxes until the following year.


1. Entry Fee is $25.00 for 2019.

2. You must be 18 years of age to play in our league (this rule strictly enforced). Please do not bring your children with you on league night even if it's simply to have them watch you play.

3. Last Group off will pick up flags.

4. We have a signed contract with Deer Track Golf Club, Inc. which includes the following:

5. We agree to conform to all course rules governing play, including preventing slow play, replacing divots, and repairing ball marks on greens. Also, agreeing to observe golf cart rules such as keeping carts out of roped off areas, staying on cart paths around greens and tees, limit of two golfers per cart, and driving safely. All trash, empty cans, and bottles are to be placed in containers provided, and not thrown into woods or lakes.

6. Green fees are $9.00 and Cart fees are $6.00 per nine holes on league nights. That's only $15 for nine holes of golf!

7. Tee time is 5:30 pm for the first three weeks, with a guaranteed shotgun start through the first four holes.

8. 5-somes are prohibited, with exceptions granted by the president.

9. We will limit our play to nine holes only. There will be no extra holes played.

10. We will be responsible for any damage sustained to the golf course property due to misconduct. Any damage to golf carts will be repaired and the bill for such damage will be sent to our signed representative for payment.

11. Handicaps: Maximum Handicap is set at 85%.

12. Handicaps are unofficial and are figured only for our league play. They should not be used for official PGA sanctioned tournaments. Consult your PGA Professional if you are interested in maintaining an official PGA handicap.

13. Tournament Qualification: must play a minimum of 8 handicap setting rounds.

14. There is a $2.00 participation fee for the following 3 flags on each regular play night.

a. Closet to the pin on whatever hole the President wants (ball must be on green after your tee shot).

b. Longest Drive on whatever hole the President wants (ball has to be in fairway from tee shot).

c. Longest Putt on you guessed it, whatever hole the President wants (ball has to be on green and first putt only).

15. There is a $5.00 participation fee for the mini-tournaments occurring on those given nights per the schedule.

16. There is a $5.00 participation fee for a best ball select team competition on its given night per the schedule.

17. All pay outs will be made the following Tuesday.

18. There will be no make-ups for a rain out.

19. Music on the course will be limited to ear buds ( Not everyone likes to hear music when playing golf  SO PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS )



1. Heavily wooded areas left of Holes #1, 4, 5, 9, 18, right of holes #1, 2, 14, 16, 18 and out of bounds left of #10 are to be played as Lateral Hazards. Lay out ball no closer to hole w/ 1 penalty stroke.

2. All public roads, entry driveway and parking lot are Out of Bounds. Play as a Lateral Hazard. Lay out no closer to hole w/ 1 penalty stroke.

3 .Balls hit into water short of or to the sides of #18 Green should be played from drop area at NE corner of pond under penalty of one stroke. If next ball is hit into pond from drop area, play ball from drop area behind the Green under penalty of one stroke. But, if ball is hit into pond beyond #18 Green, play ball from drop area behind the Green under penalty of one stroke.

4. "Winter Rules" will be played from the rough, fairway and apron of Green. Improvement of lie should be limited to no more than 6" from original position. A ball cannot be improved from the apron to the putting surface.

5. When course conditions are muddy we will play drop, clean and place. The proper procedure is to place a tee marker where your ball lies, lift it to clean and then place ball back where you marked it. This decision will be up to the League Director or President.

6. PLEASE use 90° Rule with golf carts. ALWAYS keep carts on paths around all trees and greens.

7. Replace Divots and Repair Ball Marks.