2018 Donations


The reason we charge league dues and collect for flags & tourneys is so that we can hand those funds back out as prize money; pay for our year-end banquet; and make a sizeable donation to charity.


In year's past, we have picked a single charity and donated all proceeds to them.  This year, we decided to do things a little different by donating a smaller portion to more charities; thus serving more of the community in which we all live.



On the Leagues behalf, $500.00 will be donated to Impact at Abba's Place and $500.00 to the Mulberry Parks Boys Baseball and Girls Softball programs.




Our league plays for the fun of it and at the end we get to help some people (kids) out. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

The Mulberry Men's Golf League is a not-for-profit organization; although we are not a tax deductible charity.


At the end of each season, ANY money we have not handed back out as prizes gets donated to a local charity.

Over the past several years, we have donated a thousand dollars each to:


Abba's Place

The Mulberry Community Library

The Global Masih Food Pantry

The Clinton Prairie Scholarship Fund

Back Pack Program (run by New Hope Church)

Mulberry Parks & several others

Thanks to you, our league members, and Deer Track Golf Club, local charities can continue to provide valuable and necessary services right here in our community!